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We all love choice.

Yet it often takes too long to find what we want most: honest goods.

Isn't it time we improve how the market works?

Let's! Together.

When the time comes, get involved in one or two ways:

  • Using your smart device to tag the location of your favorite goods
  • Join a local Meeteup Everyhere with your input and help shape this
  • Become a Marketply entrepreneur free anywhere and keep most profits

So who are we exactly?

It'll be obvious.

We operate in the open.

See us operate in person, or online (after we get web cams).

How will we change things?

Marketply is your mobile app.

Use it to locate or request goods!

And you may 'fan' any goods you want to find again. The app saves their location.

Map goods to their places of origin:

  • a local store
  • or roadside vegetable stand
  • any fair-trade farm globally!

You can also map goods to any independent maker: entrepreneur, inventor, fab lab, or makerspace.

Know what you're getting.

Identify goods anywhere you go! As this quick video demonstrates:

If you request something, people can 'fan' it locally. When enough people do, stores and entrepreneurs provide it.

Find authentic business.

Request goods you really want in the marketplace.

You may even request for the world to create or invent specific goods!

Your app values: