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(Marino's) Thank you to

Dave D'Esposito. Dave's generosity in the late 90s helped water the seed that is growing into Marketply today.

Seeds: oQuip mockups of web pages, laptop, keyboard, game controller, and media remote; pretzel hot dog patent drawings; cardvertible sleeves patent drawings. Extra Creative: edited "Pretzel Sustaineering" ad.

Adam Montgomery. Adam's advice led me to refocus from the larger picture to Marketply app first.

Creative: Marketply logo. Original background story, audio soundtrack, and some animation in a video of Marketply.

Ryan Krail. Seeds: oQuip laptop; oQuip smartphone; a cardvertibles sleeve.

Rick Steinberger. Creative: Best object tracking on my shaking video footage simulating Marketply.

Daniel Decom. Creative: Re-shot my Marketply video simulation more professionally.

David Harder. Welcomed me to record video in his local store, at Nature's Way in Easton PA, for use in the Marketply demonstration. Also supplied snacks for preparations.

Sean Quick. Creative: Helpful critique; original company logo.

Don Tirrell. Don's generosity made it possible for me to pour at least an extra year of work into the company.

Gary Wassum. Gary hooked me up with paying gigs that helped with expenses and were a source of experiences, like a memorable gig setting up for the Superbowl 42 Halftime Show!

The money from these jobs really helped to hire talent for the creative works on Marketply, its seeds, and trademark costs.

Theresa Luchino. My beautiful mom. What she taught me about nutrition and stretching a little bit of money to go a long way were instrumental in getting as far as I have and shaping my vision for Marketply. Seeds: Prepared the first Pretzely chicken.

Megale "Myke" Pollard. The late Megale's generosity and teaching me about computers were especially instrumental in my developing the vision for the userSmart philosophy, sustainability, and oQuip over the last ten years.

He helped inspire me by introducing me to Linux and to the Rodale Institute, both of which profoundly helped me to shape the company vision, and his enriched life hepled me connect many important dots.

Megale, rest in peace. You are a TRUE friend.

Josh Riker. Helped copyedit rough drafts for introducing Marketply, which helped focus efforts.

Balsamiq. For donating free copies of Mockups to this project, the Balsamiq office staff for rooting for Marketply, and the head chef of Balsamiq's "Wow!" operations Valerie for being just great!

Jack Klegarth. Jack put awesome effort into a games related seed project, learning how to mold game miniatures of figurines, creating maps to play on, and spending a lot of time playtesting. And especially, his enthusiasm for the game.

Creative: openable miniatures game.

Amy Harrison. She copyedited my original introductory write-up for this company, helping to tame it from an oversized draft of epic clutter into a far more improved and manageable read.

Rachel Haycraft. Rei is a pleasure to work with. A favorite! Her illustrations are simply just great and bring personality to Marketply.

Seeds: oQuip; Nutshellpedia; Pixample; and Marketply. Extra Creative: re-logo concept of Creative Commons; oQuip laptop's glowing Tux; oQuip "leaked" concept pic (fantastic work in short time!); Marketply round logo; and seasonal versions of Marketply home icon.

Clint Wilkinson. Clint has spent a lot of time answering my questions on trademark and related issues, also revealing when I could do a job myself, even offering to loan me books from his sizable library to aid in my research. This saved me a lot in costs for this project, which could've easily tripled otherwise. And he's great to chat with about games and comics!

Santiago Rivera. Yoooooooo, great person! Marketply is launching from his coworking space SoBeCoWorks, and he's helping it progress with enthusiasm, ideas, and opportunities.

Santiago believes in coworking, a shared office environment that fosters innovation, fun, and can-do. Great for collaboration and networking.

Sam Sarraf. Sam's portolio reveals the care and pride he puts into his work. My favorite illustrator so far!

Seeds: oQuip; teachOpen logo; pretzel shaped hot dog (beautiful, people hungering for it!). Edits: oQuip laptop's model.

Margarita Gonzales Rivera. Margarita inspires me to do better and leave my shell. Also she likes to keep me fed and well advised. Margarita is a genuine person who's impacted many lives.

Manny Flores Manny helped with my first video description of Marketply, really improving how the video turned out!

— Marino