The pillars of Marketply


Sharing how everything is made; freeing content and knowledge for universal access and sharing.

  • Openables include open source goods and open technology.

  • And openeers are the pioneers and engineers who've helped to advance openability.

Balancing local needs for nature's resources with effects on livelihoods globally.

  • Sustainables include renewables, and goods crafted with a triple bottom line (people, planet, profit).

  • And sustaineers are the pioneers and engineers who've helped to advance sustainability.

Making things compatible and useful, with a smart simplicity for beginners and experts.

  • Adaptables include things that are easy to use, interconnect, customize, and to learn.

  • And adapteers are the pioneers and engineers who've helped to advance adaptability.

Real choice and better goods everywhere in the marketplace. Locally and globally.


Change won't drive itself. Progress begins with you!

Our five pillars are built on a humble observation:

Whenever people throughout history could freely connect, abundancy flourishes admist the rise in opportunities from sharing knowledge.

And we believe the world is verging on a global leap in widespread abundancy and connection.

Abundancy from:

  • open technology
  • renewable energies
  • internet sharing and open data
  • sustainability in agriculture
  • 3D printing
Connection via

  • people online everywhere
  • time (books of past and present freed digitally)
  • foreign languages (translated by technology)
  • open organizations
  • technologies for everyone / by anyone

DIY breakthroughs and freely connected people are transforming us and the world.